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Wonder Woman: Its About Damn Time

Ok… So the Wonder Woman Movie is coming our soon and we – all of us – should be pumped.

I know Marvel has a Captain Marvel film coming out soon. Don’t even get me started on that!

However, I really think people need to be able to put this film’s arrival in the proper context.

This was a character that was the Justice League’s secretary at one point. She is a feminist icon, a hugely important character to the development of women in fiction and popular culture.

More soon…

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Superhero Movie: And So It Begins

Thanks so much for going me here at Superhero-Movie.net.  This is going to be my new place to blog about all of my crazy passions in regards to comics, movies and popular culture.

As a student at NorthWestern, I have been studying acting and film for the last three years, and have always wanted the opportunity to put a blog together.

Supergirl Silhouette

Supergirl Silhouette

In my down time, I’ve become addiction to following amazing comics sites like SuperHeroHype, ComicBookMovie and ComiConverse.

Hopefully, my writing here and can follow some of the same themes, and convey my love for all things superhero related.

Ok… Thank’s all for now, its Fall, and I have soccer practice to get to.

Thanks for checking this out.

They’ll be more soon on the new Wonder Woman film.